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Hiy hiy        Siyisgaas
Maarsi       Miigwech

Celebrating the 2022 Elders, Herbalists, & Teachers who made the AHG Extraordinary ! 

Indigenous Medicine

Leo Tanghe Eagle Feather

Cree-Metis Traditional Healer, CCHA Herbal Elder


Leo Tanghe started his training in the medicine ways at the age of nine. Leo was taken away from his family at the age of six, and placed in Gruard Residential School, Slave Lake, where his Grandfather, Pat Courtourille rescued him a year and a half later.

After 8 years of extensive training under nine teachers, Leo began to work with patients under the scrutiny of one of the teachers. At 21, Leo began mixing medicines and challenging the illness facing him with a patient.

Leo Tanghe’ reputation as a Medicine Man has grown over the course of many years as he travels all over the North to help people. He continues to honour his teachers by naming his salves and tonic, “9 Eagle Feathers Herbal Salves.”

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Botanist, Author, Mushroom Man

Robert Rogers, RH 

Registered Herbalist (AHG),

North Star College Director, Prolific Author, Industry Consultant


Robert has been a student of plant medicine most of his adult life. He is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and author of over 50 books on medicinal plants of Western Canada. Robert has a Bachelor’s Degree in Botany. He has taught plant medicine for over 40 years and is an avid fan of our indigenous plants and mushrooms. Robert has had a long career in the alternative health field. He was a clinical herbalist for over 18 years (retired). He works as a consultant to various boards and industries advising growers and creating herbal formulas.

Robert and his wife Laurie are owners of Self Heal Distributing and Scents of Wonder essential oils. Robert is the co-director of the Earth Spirit Medicine Program,  at Northern Star College.
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Cannabis & Clinical Skills

Jeananne Laing, ClH

Registered Herbalist (AHA), Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Cannabis Educator


Jeananne has been a clinical herbalist in Calgary, AB since 2005. She has Master and Clinical Herbalist diplomas from Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, completed the Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching program, and taken various medical cannabis training programs.

Seeing the emergence of medical cannabis in 2016, Jeananne sought to learn more about the humble herb, but found there to be a lack of courses on how to use cannabis for medical purposes. Understanding that her fellow herbalists would need to know about this plant, Jeananne created the Cannabis Medicine for Herbalists Certificate, which has been taught to over 400 students since 2017. She also spent several years as a medical cannabis educator at Harvest Medicine Clinic in Calgary learning from physicians specializing in cannabinoid medicine.

Jeananne is the instructor and main content contributor of the Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma program at Elevated Learning Academy. Jeananne has also co-written cannabis courses with Dr. Richa Love of CannU and Dr. Terry Willard of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing. Jeananne is the author and instructor of Wild Rose College’s Nutrition 101 and Advanced Nutrition. She is a founding member and past president of the Alberta Herbalists Association, and served for many years as a board member with the Canadian Council of Herbalists Association.

Jeananne lives near Calgary, AB and is available for private online consultations and workshops.

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Metis Plant Culture, Ethnobotany & Medicine

Kalyn Kodiak, ClH

Metis Herbalist & Culture Teacher at Kodiak Herbal Metis Culture


A proud Métis and two-spirit person, Kalyn is descended from a lineage of healers, teachers and artists. She is a founding member and the current president of the Alberta Herbalists Association. 

Kalyn loves to teach and hosts workshops in health and herbs, Métis traditions, plant identification and cultural art. She visits  schools, youth and community groups as a culture teacher and herbalist. As a resource on traditional medicines to the Métis communities of southern Alberta, and aen aapikayahk sayncheur flayshii (Métis sash weaver), Kalyn is a passionate guide to locals and tourists who wish to learn about the Métis of southern Alberta.

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Plant Dyes & Textile Printing

Ruby Martin

Herbalist, Gardener, Owner of Ruby's Healing Garden


Ruby is a local herbalist, passionate gardener & founder of Ruby's Healing Garden. Her company offers handcrafted skincare, plant workshops, and other holistic self-care products. Her passion for plant education led her to complete a Diploma program with Wild Rose College. She has been involved within the wellness community for the past 7 years, learning, working in herbal dispensaries, volunteering on herb farms and growing her own garden. She loves the holistic healing & self-care benefits that nature endlessly provides. The feelings
of self-resilience by knowing how to use & grow plants for medicine, food and art. And loves how it allows her to be the change she wishes to see in the world. You will find her in the garden! Her personal sanctuary & place of inspiration for all the offerings she creates!
Her mission is to inspire you to unearth connection, healing, empowerment and hope.

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Herbal Jedi, WRC Director

Yarrow Willard

Herbalist, Philosopher, Health Activist, Nature Enthusiast


Yarrow Willard (Herbal Jedi) is a second generation Clinical/Master Herbalist, residing in the unceeded territory of the Comox First Nations on Vancouver Island. He is the co-founder of Harmonic Arts, and Director of the Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine. As an educator, YouTuber and herbal ambassador, Yarrow delivers rich and original content, focused on reclaiming health and deepening connection with the natural world. His approach to plant medicine is one of combining old world knowledge systems with modern day health needs in a innovative and digestible way. 

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Advanced Herbalism, Liver Herbs Intensive

Abrah Arneson, ChT, RH

Energy Healer, Poet, Doula, Clinical Herbalist, Author of The Weaving - Plants, Planets & People


 Abrah to been led to work in hospice supporting the dying, trained as a doula to hold women while they labour, travel to all continents on this planet andspend a year in retreat in the Yukon wilderness. Abrah has been practicing Clinical Herbal Medicine for 18 years. She is the author of The Weaving: Plants, Planets and People, The HerbalApprentice: Plant Medicine and more. Info about Abrah can be found on her web site .

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 Indigenous & Disability

Advocate, Mentor

Flo Lavallie, MH

CCHA Herbal Elder,  50+ Years Experience, Author

flo picture.jpg

Flo Lavallie has been in private practice for over 52 years in health care, along with that she had a satellite practice in Humboldt for 17 years. Prior to that, Flo had a satellite practice in Duck Lake for two years. After working in a hospital setting for 14 years, Flo obtained her Master Herbalist Diploma at the Wild Rose College on Calgary, Alberta. She is a certified in Reflexology, Sclerology, Rayid, Iridology, Ear Candling and Kinesiology, having studied with Dr. Spiro Lenis. ​The many projects Flo has supported, celebrate the traditional spirituality of aboriginal people. She is a constant reminder that true holistic healing goes beyond the individual to healing the system. She is a lobbyist and serves on the board of directors of the Canadian Association of Herbal Practitioners Companion Health Oasis In., Teaching Women Dollars and Sense, College of Medicine (Complementary Therapy), Advisory Board of the Harmony Song – The Aboriginal Healing Foundation and Meewasinota.Flo Lavallie has been an advocate for people with disabilities, including advocating for Saskatchewan’s first PET-CT scan at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. She lobbies governments on justice issues such as Section 745 of the Criminal Code, justice issues for people with disabilities, health related issues, and herbal medicine regulations. She is also active with the R.E.S.O.L.V.E. Steering Committee that supports solutions to violence and abuse. Flo actively secured the land and funding to build Tamara’s House, a healing centre in Saskatoon, that is the first one of its kind in Canada. Tamara’s House provides complementary therapies and services to support the complete healing of female adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Flo is instrumental in addressing the legacy of Residential School Abuses by supporting many community applications for project funding from the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. She received the Herbal Order of Canada in 2010, and mentors students through the Wild Rose College.

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Foraging Adventurist, Mead Maker, Fermentation Aficionado

Denis Manzer

Fermentation Aficionada, Foraging Adventurist, Food Culturist


Denis Manzer has been on a quest to help bring the healing powers of positive nutrition to the people. With many years of experience working in the health food industry Denis has found many secrets to nourishment. One of the most important aspects is to empower people with the skills and know-how to be able to live in harmony w/ the land as our ancestors did. 


You can find Denis at The Light Cellar Superfoods in Bowness, helping to provide many medicinal herbs and foods & instructing various workshops. Co-founder of the Calgary Fermentation Festival he shares his recipes on his Instagram accounts @fermentyourfood & @forageyourfood .

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Hermetic Alchemist, Perfume Maker, Local Herbalist

Brandon Warren

Diploma in Alchemy, International Alchemy Guild

Brandon Warren Class Pic_edited_edited.jpg

Brandon has been a Local Herbalist and Master Alchemist in Calgary for 5 years, Working at Light Cellar Superfoods Educating, Crafting Herbal Elixirs and leading the Fermentation Team. During this time he has traveled to Oregon and received training from  “The School of Spagyric & Alchemical Arts” for Plant Spagyrics, Distillation and Healing with the Planets. His Love for Nature and Healing Expanded In 2019 when he went to France to Learn more about the history and culture of Perfume and Essential oil making; Learning how to Blend and Craft perfume with Galimard Studio as well as working with local Artist and Perfume maker “AyinPerfumes”. In 2020 Brandon received his Diploma in Alchemy by completing the Alchemist Certification Program with the International Alchemy Guild; Allowing him to lecture, write, and produce Spagyric tinctures, oils, and elixirs. Brandon loves sharing and expanding his passions for  Foraging, Gardening, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Egyptian Primal Herbology, Caribbean Herb Remedies, Astrology, Fermentation, and Wildcrafting; With his combined Certifications and knowledge Brandon hopes to inspire, empower and support others on their unique journey of healing and learning through nature. 

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