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Info for Guests

2023 Guest Info coming soon

Location for the 2023 Herb Gathering:


Camp Jubilee (Cochrane, AB)

Camp Jubilee is located on the south bank of the Bow River at Cochrane east of Highway 22, situated on 85 acres of terraced grassland, mixed forest, and the river’s floodplain, inhabited by several species of wildlife, waterfowl and terrestrial birds. Our Home for the Weekend is located along the river and near the town of Cochrane. With access to beautiful Pigeon Lake, and shady camping under the trees, Tangle Trees is the ideal location to meet new friends and plant-friends!

The camp has heated bunk rooms, classrooms, and indoor water service with flush toilets. There is good cellphone service on site. 


Getting Here & Parking at Camp


Please consider car-pooling if possible. The parking lot on site will be filled first before parking is permitted on the road. We have special permission from the county to park cars along the East side of Silver Beach Road, next to the camp. Do Not park on the West side (across the street).  If you need to leave the campsite during the weekend, please inform the attendants and we will try to park you in a location that allows exit/entry. 


Arriving & Registration 

 Registration begins at 3:00pm and ends at 8:00pm on Friday, July 10th. Registration is also open from 8:00-10:00am on Saturday & Sunday. Walk-in tickets are available, howver bunk spaces cannot be guaranteed for walk-in guests. 


  Upon your arrival, enter the gate and follow directions from parking attendants to park your vehicle. From here, proceed to the Registration Booth to receive your Lanyard. Please wear your lanyard or keep it with you throughout the weekend. 


Gates will be shut outside of registration hours. If you arrive outside of registration hours, call the phone number on the gate to contact registration staff. The gates are locked from 10pm-7am each night.


What To Bring to the Alberta Herb Gathering


Please bring all tenting equipment you need to be safe and comfortable while camping, including your tent, bedding, towels and tarps if necessary. For guests staying in the bunk houses, bring your own bedding and towels. Some guests bring an extra flat sheet to hang over their bunk as a privacy curtain. Bring an eye-mask or ear-plugs if you're a light sleeper!


Warm clothes are a must for cooler evenings, and layers for day-time changes in temperature. This event will go forward ‘Rain or Shine’ - please bring clothing and footwear appropriate to the weather forecast. 


It’s important to bring any necessary medications / medical devices with you for your health and comfort. Inform the Registration staff if you have conditions that may result in the need for emergency assistance, such as Epipens and Nitroglycerin. Bring a water bottle and travel mug for beverages to stay hydrated.


Other items to Bring: Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, umbrella, notepad, sketchbook and pen; flashlight, water-bottle, travel mug, rain poncho, bug spray, first-aid kit, personal care items like soap and wash-cloths; musical instruments, drums, rattles or Saturday; cash for shopping at vendors; roasting sticks and hotdogs/marshmallows; camp slippers, foldable chairs; a day pack for carrying your stuff; frisbees, glowsticks, costumes, & other fun things. Snacks and drinks (you can keep perishable items in the cookhouse fridge). Small garbage bags for your campsite (garbage must be brought to the garbage shed each evening).




  Guest Accommodations include the 4 tenting areas, as well as bunks in the Main Lodge.  There is no space for RVs or tent trailers this year. Car camping is not allowed due to space restrictions.


Tent Camping Sites -  There are 3 tent sites with picnic tables, benches, cookhouses and an outdoor fire pit. The 4th site (Willow) is a ‘wilderness’ camping area. All sites are walk-in only, with parking at the main lot – there are wagons for transporting your camping equipment to and from the tent sites. Guests must supply their own tent, bedding and towels.

Note about camping noise: Wild Rose tenting site will host the Fireside Storytelling until 9:30pm on Saturday; if you prefer a quiet campsite please choose to set-up at one of the other sites. Quiet times are from 11pm - 7am each day. 


  Use the fridges in the cookhouses to store perishable items. Water faucets with potable well-water are located at each campsite.  Please do NOT use the stoves in the cookhouses, for safety reasons. There are outdoor cook stoves located at the campsites for your convenience. Clean up after yourself when using any facilities at the campsites. 


Bunk House @ Main Lodge - guests can choose to sleep in the bunks at the back of the Main Lodge (2 large rooms of bunks). The small bunk rooms are reserved for Staff. Please bring your own bedding and towel for the weekend. There are a limited number of electric outlets in the bunk rooms - please share with other guests.


 The bunk rooms are divided by gender self-identification; you may choose which bunk room you’re comfortable sleeping in. We want all guests to feel safe and welcome, if you have questions regarding the sleeping arrangements please contact us via email before arriving.  




Wash House - There are indoor bathrooms, showers and sinks at the Wash house. Grey-water can be disposed of at the marked disposal station in front of the wash house. Please be mindful of your water consumption while at the camp.


Indoor Bathrooms @ Main Lodge - there are indoor toilets & sinks at the Main Lodge for all guests to use. Please clean up after yourself when using any common facilities, including the bathrooms, showers and sinks. 


Leave Only Footprints


We are a ‘Leave No Trace’ event. Garbage that is bagged can be disposed of in bins at the Garbage Shed near the parking lot. All recyclable containers must be brought home with you. Do not pick plants or otherwise alter the landscape, or leave anything behind at the camp after you go. Smoking is permitted 10 meters from buildings, tents and other campers. Be sure to fully extinguish cigarettes and take the butts with you. Do not leave cigarette butts or litter on the ground. 


First Aid & Safety


First Aid is located at the Main Lodge, there is a Big Red Cross on the Door. AED, phone and First Aid kit can be found here.  


Be Safe at the AHG - stay hydrated, regulate your temperature with clothes or sun & weather protection. No drugs or alcohol are permitted at Girl Guide camps. Please leave your pets at home, and supervise all youth who accompany you to the AHG. All guests must sign a waiver during the registration process - sign yours online before the event to speed up your registration experience.


Bear Safety


  Camp Tangle Trees is in Bear territory - all food, snacks, and scented items should be placed inside the cookhouse at night. This includes toiletry items with perfume or essential oils, such as deodorant, toothpaste, lotions and hair products. We recommend leaving a bag with your scented items in the cook house each night, so bears aren’t attracted to your tent. Campers who wish to bring bear spray must keep it safely and properly contained, away from children and other campers. Garbage must also be placed inside the garbage shed each evening. 


Dining & Meals


Guests have the option of bringing their own food this year, or taking part in our Meal Plan (added on to your ticket during registration).  The menu is Omnivore, with some gluten-free or vegan sides or substitutions. Meals include Friday & Saturday Supper, as well as Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday & Sunday. All meals are served in the Main Lodge Dining Hall, and meal times are printed on the Schedule. Seating is at the indoor tables and chairs or at Picnic tables around the Lodge. Please bus your dishes to the Clean-up station after eating, where volunteers will load them into the sanitizer.

Indoor kitchens & non-designated buildings are off-limits to everyone but staff. Guests may use the fire pits at tenting sites, however all indoor equipment is off-limits to guests this weekend. 


Marketplace & Vending


Vendors are located in 2 spaces: 


  • Inside Main Lodge - for vendors with no tent

  • In Front of Main Lodge - for vendors with their own tent


We recommend bringing cash for shopping, as internet service is not guaranteed. Vendors keep their own hours throughout the weekend, if there is no one at a vending table please come back and visit them later. Vendors are responsible for securing their tables at all times.


Workshop & Event Locations - 2023 Info Coming Soon!


Workshop Locations are indicated on the Schedule and Map as A (Redwood House) and B (Wild Rose Cook House); Plantwalks & Outdoor workshops will meet in front of the Main Lodge (indicated on the map by a Blue Daisy). Plantwalks/Outdoor workshops will often be on the move after meet-up, if you’re late you may have to go find them.


Events each have their own location. There are 5 Special Events for you to enjoy:


  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies - Green Space in Front of Main Lodge

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt - Green Space in Front of Main Lodge

  • Keynote Speaker - Main Lodge Dining Room

  • Fire Cider Tasting Contest, Decorating Wish Lanterns - A Red Wood House

  • Fireside Story-telling - B Firepit at Wild Rose Site

  • Wish Lantern Lighting, Prize Draws - Firepit at Wild Rose Site

  • Swap, Shop & Share - Green Space in Front of Main Lodge


If you have questions or concerns before the Alberta Herb Gathering, please send us an email at


What does my registration include?

Your weekend registration includes your choice of workshops, plant walks, evening entertainments & accommodations--2 nights of tenting or space in the bunks. Also-connection, community, & kinship! 

Do I need a Meal Plan, or are meals included? Are there options for vegan/GF?

Meals are NOT included in your ticket price - a separate Meal Plan can be added to your weekend pass when you register. The meal plan includes Dinner Friday night, 3 meals on Saturday and 2 meals on Sunday (breakfast and lunch). There are no separate options for children/teens, or for single day passes.

Please bring your own food if you choose not to get a meal plan, along with any food preparation equipment, dishes, cutlery, cups, that you need. 


What equipment is available for preparing the food?

There are fire pits for camp fires and a large, shared BBQ (bring your own propane tank). potable water is available in the buildings. There are no fridges or indoor cooking areas for guests. We ask that all guests clean up after their meal preps and abide by the Leave No Trace policy.


Please bring everything you would normally pack to prepare food while camping. Suggested items: dishes, cutlery, napkins, washing bin, biodegradable soap, fire-roasting/hot-dog sticks, mugs, water bottle, dish cloths, drying rack, cooler with ice.  

Camp Jubilee is located inside the town of Cochrane, where many supplies and restaurants are available.  


Can my partner come to take care of the kids, but not attend the workshops? Are kids welcome?

Unfortunately, due to fire regulations at our venue, we have a maximum total capacity of people onsite for the weekend, & therefore unable to accommodate more people than we've accounted for through ticket sales. Everyone attending needs to purchase a ticket or be a volunteer.

There will be no childcare provided, so please leave little ones at home. Minors over the age of 15 are welcome to attend with a parent or guardian (adult registration required). Babes in arms are welcome to attend with their care-giver. 

Thank you so much for your understanding! 


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please e-mail:


What's the refund policy?

​No refunds.

You are welcome to sell or give away your registration-- just let us know the name of the person who is coming in your place. There is no fee to transfer it to an alternate attendee.


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