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2022 Gathering Workshops

Workshops are held both inside and outside, depending on the nature of the workshop. 


2023 AHG Info
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August 18-20, 2023

2022 Gathering

Meet The

Plants of Alberta

Gwen Hall   *   Yarrow Willard   *  Kalyn Kodiak   *   Abrah Arneson   *    Natalie Pepin

Plantwalks are guided tours of the plant species of Pigeon Lake, led by Herbalists experienced in identification, wildcrafting & ecology. Each Herbalist brings their unique flavor to a plantwalk, that encompasses knowledge from cultural, scientific & medicinal perspectives. Every walk is sure to be a new experience - we encourage you to attend as many as possible throughout the weekend!

Friday Evening Keynote:

Awakening Health - Tools for Inner Alignment

Wholistic Connections

in Healing

with Yarrow Willard, MH ClH - Herbal Jedi, Wild Rose College Director

Let’s take a moment to explore our relationship with the vital force that connects us to all life. In this workshop we will unpack a variety of diagnostic tools and coded mapping systems from various wholistic health systems in an attempt to understand the nature of stagnation and flow. We will look at the connection between mind, body and heart, as well as how to best align our inner health needs with our outer purpose and vision for the more beautiful world we all know is possible.

Indigenous Medicine Teaching with Elder Leo

Indigenous Medicine

Leo Tanghe, Herbal Elder (CCHA & AHA)

A unique opportunity to hear the teachings of Elder Leo, Cree-Metis Medicine person from Slave Lake. Leo has been healing and teaching in Alberta for more than 30 years. In this presentation, Leo shares the benefit of his experience as an indigenous healer in a small community in Northern Alberta.

Psilocybin Mushrooms: The Mystery, Science & Research



Robert Rogers, RH (AHG)

 This presentation will be a brief history of sacred mushrooms, and their importance in various parts of the world. It will then examine the stop of research into psychedelics in the early 70s, and the resurgence in this century, including significant human clinical trials for anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and addictions. It will examine the issue of micro-dosing and where herbalists and other practitioners may go from here.

Common Myths in Herbal Medicine

Myths in Herbal Medicine

Robert Rogers, RH (AHG)

In my 50 years involved in herbal medicine I have heard lots of truisms and myths regarding plant medicine. With the world wide web and internet becoming a part of many people's lives, the level of misinformation about herbs has increased to an astounding level. Personal beliefs and opinions are passed on through various websites, often lacking any scientific basis. The workshop will expose a dozen or so myths, and examine why these rumors persist. 

Anxiety Can Be Scary

Anxiety & Endocrine

Flo Lavallie, Herbal Elder

Anxiety affects the Scale of our thoughts and emotions, amplifying the interactions of our endocrine system. Our Consciousness affects the skin, hypothalamus, and pineal glands, among other factors. We will discuss how endocrine glands & organs of detoxification/elimination are involved in healing. Recommendations for Anxiety include Herbs, flower essences and essential oils.

Safe Space for Healing: Guidelines for Practicing Herbalists

Safe Spaces for Marginalized Communities

Flo Lavallie, Herbal Elder

Flo brings her 50+ years of experience working with marginalized communities, to teach us what herbalists need to know about working with the dynamics of abuse, including residential school abuses and issues affecting people with disabilities.

A need to feel safe is important when interacting with health care providers. As practitioners, we can better understand the client’s reaction during or while preparing to help clients who have survived violations of the body, boundaries, and trust - which affect relationships with themselves and their body, as well as their relationships with others. Some common issues include reluctance to trust others, avoidance of intimacy, and fear of living alone.

Fatigue: Concern, Causes & Solutions

Fatigue -

Root Causes

Flo Lavallie, Herbal Elder

Fatigue is very common in our clinics. As practitioners we need to become aware and sensitive to
clients’ health needs. Through the reading of body language, and personality readings through iridology and Rayid, symptoms are displayed to present a clearer picture. Root causes of stress from persistent mental anguish puts strain on the nervous system; deficiencies are contributing factors resulting from trauma. Herbal remedies can be part of the treatment plan.

Nervous System Overload!?

Nervous System Intensive

Yarrow Willard, MH ClH

Ready… Fire… Aim… or is it .. Aim and then Fire?  

I’m confused, slightly overwhelmed and unsure what to do! 


Sometimes this modern world seems backwards, out of alignment, and moving far too fast... 

Our nervous systems, as brilliant as they are, were built for a different mode of action than we often find ourselves in these days. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, brain fog, or ADD, much of it stems back to nervous system overload. 

This means that developing health strategies for supporting mental wellness has become mandatory as we navigate the troubled waters of our time. 

In this mini-intensive we will explore ways to enhance nervous system functionality with herbs, mushrooms, nutrition, and a variety of health enhancing practices.  The right nervous system support can make all the difference in our capacity to sink or swim as 21st centurions. 

Caring for Your Endocannabinoid System


Jeananne Laing, RH (AHA), Cannabis Educator

Discovered some 30 years ago, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is vital to human health and well-being, yet so little is known about it. In this talk we will introduce and define the ECS and discover how the ECS is vital to the body’s quest for dynamic homeostasis. We will also explore the concept of ‘endocannabinoid deficiency’ and review ways to improve your endocannabinoid tone. 

Cannabinoid Supplements:

Getting the Most from Cannabis Medicine



Jeananne Laing, RH (AHA), Cannabis Educator

Despite over 90 years of prohibition, cannabis has been (and continues to be) an important medicine for generations of Canadians. In this talk we will explore the concept of cannabis medicine as a category rather than a single plant remedy. We will review the basics of cannabis-based medical products, how to know what product to choose, and how to mitigate uncomfortable side-effects. 

The Liver, to Live

Deep Dive into

the Liver

Abrah Arneson, ChT, RH

Everything you put in your mouth passes through your liver before being offered to your heart.
There was a time when the liver was the seat of all emotions. Your liver is so much more than
an organ of detoxification; it is the organ of life. Let’s spend some time exploring this
wonderfully complex organ, its role in mental and physical health and a few of the herbs that
nourish and support its many functions.

Mother Ev, Agnus, Elizabeth & Joan

Great Women Herbalists

Abrah Arneson, ChT, RH

Meet three generations of women who lived from the late 1400s to the later 1500s in England.
Mother Ev had secrets, that were not so secret if you were a woman. She passed them onto her
grand daughters when they turned twelve. The secrets Mother Eve knew were the plants
women took to practice contraception. Let’s tease out these thread tangled by time, and gently
begin to bring Mother Eve’s knowledge back into the light of day.

Being Nature

Dream Healing

Abrah Arneson, ChT, RH

Let’s dream ourselves into nature. Herbalists and healers since before words were written
down followed the bread crumbs left behind by dreams to understand the nature of illness and
health, plant medicine and wisdom. During this workshop we will explore dreams through
creative visualizations and poetry as intimately personal ways to deepen our understanding of
plant medicine. If you bring a dream to the circle, we can also journey into the hidden gifts it is
offering you.

Metis Worldview & Wildcrafting Ethics 

Metis Medicine & Ethics

Kalyn Kodiak, Metis Herbalist (Saturday)  & Natalie Pepin (Sunday)

Discover “Lii Bonn Michinn” (Good Medicine), Michif for the plants and animals who give us medicines, tools, clothes and food – how our people create a life from raw materials of the prairies and foothills of Southern Alberta. Walk with a Metis herbalist as she shares the connection between plants and humans, introducing the theory of ethical wildcrafting from a Metis perspective. Develop your relationship with Ki Mama naanik, our Mother Earth, to develop your skills as a herbalist.

Pathways to Becoming a Register Herbalist (RH) in Canada

Herbalism in Canada

Kalyn Kodiak, AHA President, Cl.H.

There are many paths to becoming a herbalist, but what do you need to become a Registered Herbalist (RH) with one of Canada's self-governing bodies - the provincial herbalists associations? Learn what the requirements are, the 3 pathways of education, and how to find the education and practicum experience that are best suited to your lifestyle. Ask questions and get answers from the AHA president to help plan your career in Herbalism.

Medicinal Mead Making: The Honey Wine Of Olden Time

Mead Crafting

Denis Manzer, Fermenteur

A how-to exploration of the alchemy of transforming honey into wine. Learn the simple skills and techniques that will allow you to brew your own at home! We will be going on a journey to discover:

+The origins of mead & the ancient history of bees and man

+The phenomenal healing qualities of honey wine

+ The Many Healing herbs that have been traditionally infused in mead to give flavours, colours and medicinal effects

The Blessings of the Bees Beckon You !

Wild Alberta Mushrooms to Know

Fungi Foraging

Denis Manzer, Mushroom Forager

A photographic journey into the majestic local wild Alberta forests where mushrooms, edible & medicinal, grow in profusion. Denis Manzer, who has been foraging mushrooms here for many years, will show you some of the key species that are good to know and easy to identify!

Alchemy Herbology Astrology

Hermetic Alchemy

Brandon Warren, Hermetic Alchemist

In this class learn about the ancient pearls of alchemy and how you can reconnect and cycle with nature. It's time for secrets to be revealed. We will go over the 4 elements and how they transform into the 3 kingdoms of earth: plants, animals and minerals; plus how these kingdoms can be accessed in our lives. We will also cover the 7 planets and their operations in transformation and their rulership on earth. Going over all of the tools and equipment to build a basic alchemy laboratory and operations needed to build your own plant medicine. Each day a new planet takes rule - learn how to flow with the cycles of the planets to help balance the body and mind. The skills of nature that you leave with can help you in discovering and sharpening your own art and finding your ‘Great Work’.

Natural Perfume Making



Brandon Warren, Hermetic Alchemist

In this class awaken your senses and follow your nose as we explore the art of Perfumery. With over 50+ Botanical Essential oils we will identify and work with the possibilities that are open for you. We will also go over the different layers and elements that compose traditional perfume to build our own fragrances just like nature. Learning classic and modern base notes, heart notes and top notes. We will be utilizing all parts of the plant kingdom - softwoods, hard saps, gums, barks, leaves, fruits and flowers to craft the perfect scent. Your signature olfactory equilibrium, a fragrance unique and special for you.

Textile Dyes with Natural Pigments

Plant Pigments & Dyes 

Ruby Martin, Herbalist/Gardener

This class will make you feel like a skilled olden-day textile dyer! Learn how to dye fabric using common plant-based, safe and non toxic materials, to create beautifully colored garments. Get hands-on experience! Together we will prepare a color dye bath and infuse your very own small cloth wall decor or napkin. All materials are provided for this crafting experience. Limited to 25 participants.

Botanical Eco-Printing

Textile Eco-Printing

Ruby Martin, Herbalist/Gardener

You will walk away from this class feeling like an epic plant artist! Use freshly gathered herbs to create beautiful prints on scarves, shirts, dresses, postcards, and wall decor, with the natural beauty of petals and leaves. Learn both the Japanese Hapa Zome method of eco-printing, as well as an advanced mordant method you can use at home to create enchanting textile art. Limited to 25 participants.

Morning Earth Yoga

Yoga Flow

with Rose Serpico

Greet the sun with a 45 minute yoga warm-up on Saturday & Sunday morning.

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