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Alberta Herb Gathering 2023


   Empowering & educational workshops are the heart of the Alberta Herb Gathering. Presentations take the form of campfire storytellings, guided meditations, audio-visual lectures, immersive how-to's and exploratory strolls through local ecosystems.    

Our Teachers are elders and experts in their field, sharing ancient traditions or exciting new research in plant medicine. 

Workshops are taught immersed in

nature and in our indoor classroom.   


Plantwalks are guided tours of the plant species along the Bow River, led by Herbalists experienced in identification, wildcrafting & ecology. Each Herbalist brings their unique flavor to a plantwalk, that encompasses knowledge from cultural, scientific & medicinal perspectives. Every walk is sure to be a new experience - we encourage you to attend as many as possible throughout the weekend!

Friday Evening Keynote:

Zoopharmacognacy: Medicines of the Wild Horses of Sundre

Blend wild medicine, Indigenous traditions and modern veterinary medicine and you get one fascinating story! Brenda will share anecdotes and animal knowledge from her research project she is co-researching with Dr. Brielle Rosa from the U of
C on the wild horses outside of Sundre and how they self medicate to rid themselves of parasites.


Wild Horses
BRENDA HOLDER, Cree Knowledge Holder

Medicine Wheel Teachings with Kokum Cheryle

Indigenous Healing

Elder Cheryle Chagnon Greyeyes

Mushroom Medicine: The Future of Functional Fungi

Mushroom Medicine

In this workshop we will explore some of the new research into lesser known mushrooms- how to harvest, prepare and use for various acute and chronic health conditions.
Robert Rogers, RH(AHG)

The Lymphatic System:

What Clinical Herbalists Need to Know

Advanced Studies

The Lymphatic System- What clinical herbalist need to know.
In this class we will discuss the importance of this system, how to determine the clients needs based
on constitution, energetics and part of body most affected.
Stone Mortar and Pestle
Robert Rogers, RH(AHG)

Exploring Medicinal Plant, Mushroom & Lichens

Plant Walk

Medicinal Plant, mushroom and lichen walk. A walk and talk about local medicine, how to identify,prepare and utilize.
Robert Rogers, RH(AHG)

Plant walk for Native Plants

Plant walk

Learn from a UK trained herbalist:
- how to identify local native plants
- edible and medicinal usage
- insect and wildlife associations
- cultivation techniques
Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed

Cultivating Medicinal Native Plants for People, Pollinators & Wildlife

Gardening Beneficial Native Species

This workshop will discuss why growing native plants is essential for the health of our local communities. We will look at how native species support biodiversity including pollinators and wildlife and why this is important. We will also cover some basic cultivation tips and tricks, and discuss specific examples of local medicinal plants including: Slender Nettle, Wild Licorice, Wild Mint, Beebalm, Boreal Yarrow, and Gumweed.
Plant Based Cosmetics
Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed

Introduction to Iridology

Clues to Health in the Eyes

Iridology truly is a ‘window’ that helps us understand our physical, mental, and emotional health. You’ll learn the first and most important thing to look for when doing an iris assessment and you’ll be able to use this training with the very next person you meet. We’ll reveal the benefits and limitations, walk through a few case studies, and discuss recommendations. 
Judith Cobb

Womens' Hormonal Health

Women & Reproductive System

Women's health always seems a little more complicated than men's. After all, men don't have PMS, menstrual cramps, painful periods, uterine fibroids, or polycystic breast lumps. 
We're going to address each of these issues from the practical perspective of nutrition, herbs, vitamins, and minerals that can help to bring the body back into balance.
Women on the Beach
Judith Cobb

Metis Medicine Walk

Indigenous Healing

Explore the shores of the Bow River with a Metis Herbalist to discover berries, herbs, roots and barks -  along with plant-names in English and Michif. Hear our story of humanity's place in the web of life.
Learn about traditional practices of being in relationship with Creation.
Kalyn Kodiak

Basic Concepts of Tibetan Medicine Systems

Tibetan Medicine

Menpa Karma Rapchoe

Know the Nature of your Body According to Tibetan Traditional Medicine

Tibetan Medicine

Menpa Karma Rapchoe

Ethical Foraging Techniques

Begin your Relationship with Nature

Share in the journey of learning what tools & techniques are needed to safely and ethically forage wild medicines and food plants. 
There are legal, intuitive and ecological ideas about how to answer these questions. Join Julie in discussions of natures resilience and weaknesses. Build relationship with a plant community you forage from to build strength in that plant community. When we learn to consider the interdependence
of the plant and animal communities, then we have ethical foraging wisdom.
Julie Walker, Master Interpretive Guide

Plant walk with a Master Interpretive Guide

Plant walk

Join one of the few Master Interpretive Guides of Alberta for a special look at the wildlife of Camp Jubliee.
Julie Walker, Master Interpretive Guide

So You Want to Start a Herbal Medicine Practice

Tips from a Clinical Herbalist

Starting your own herbal medicine practice can seem daunting! You might have questions like: How do I register my business? Where do I source my herbs? What about insurance? How do I become registered as an herbalist? In this workshop, we're breaking it all down into attainable action steps so you can walk away feeling more confident moving forward! 
Image by Conscious Design
Bree Nabholz

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Elderberry Syrup

Do-It-Yourself / Hands-on

Join Bree as she leads you through a step-by-step process to creating your own Elderberry syrup at home. This classic herbal recipe isn't popular by accident! On top of being absolutely delicious, Elderberry syrup is incredibly potent medicine that increases the
body's natural resilience to illness. If you're looking for a medicine-making, hands-on
kind of workshop, this one's for you!
Image by Maddy Weiss
Bree Nabholz

Formulating with Oleogels & Aquagels

Advanced Formulation

69996520_10162203814370608_4940670377178169344_n (1).jpg
Brenda Holder

More Workshop Descriptions Coming Soon

The Line-up of presenters is growing! We'll be back with more info soon

Another Amazing Herbal Teacher
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