Alberta Herb Gathering 2020


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Workshops will be held both inside and outside, depending on the nature of the workshop. The schedule with details on location and specific times for 2020 will be created on April 15th.

Workshops for 2020 will be loaded shortly - please enjoy this review of workshops that were offered at the 2018 AHG.

Morning Mindfulness/Meditation with Becky 6:45-7:15 am

On Saturday morning we will be starting our day with a Deep Centering Vipassana meditation approximately 25 minutes in length. Rebecca will guide you along to become profoundly centred and present and ready to participate in a full day of activities. All meditation levels are welcome. This is a sitting meditation so please bring a jacket or blanket to sit on.

We will be starting Sunday by tuning in, and drumming up some vital energy with a Kundalini yoga meditation. I will guide you through pranayama (breath work) and work with the bandhas (chakras) to open, direct, release and control the flow of energy. This meditation is suitable for all levels, and will last approx. 35 minutes. This is a chair meditation and we will head outdoors if possible.

The Future of Medicinal Mushrooms


This class will cover the traditional use of mushrooms for medicine, as well
as today's increased incidence of cancers and auto-immune disease.


Robert will also examine other healing modalities, including homeopathy and mushroom
essences, as well as the future of individualized mushroom extracts; the
difference between mycelium and fruiting body products; and contraindications in clinical practice. 

Mushroom Plant Walk- with Robert Rogers

The Plant and Mushroom Walk will explore the nearby grounds and look at the edible, medicinal and survival aspects of our indigenous flora and fungi. The walking trail is easy for all.


The walk and talk will look at traditional uses, as well as modern scientific validation of these readily available and accessible healing herbs. Their use as essential oils, homeopathy, flower essences, as well as spiritual properties and personality traits will be covered as time permits. 

An In-Depth Look at 7 North American Medicinal Plants-with Sevensong (FRIDAY KEYNOTE SPEAKER)


This presentation will look at some of the medicinal plants commonly used in North America. Most of these can be easily purchased and some can be grown or gathered.


This talk will cover some of the specific ways they can be used as medicine, their therapeutic applications, dosages, preparations and formulations. The goal is to help participants be able to use these plants in day to day life.


Some of the plants Sevensong will explore: Echinacea, Gingko, Milk thistle, Yarrow, Yellow dock, Valerian and St. John's wort.

The Herbalist's View: Headaches- with Sevensong


Headaches are a very common health problem and can be difficult to treat. They often decrease the quality of life for those they affect.

In this class we will look at the ways herbalists and herbal medicine can sometimes help. Participants will learn ways to try to determine the origin of the headache and treatment strategies. We will cover general categories such as pain relievers, skeletal muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, as well as some well known and lesser known plants.

Herbal Medicine & Mental Health- with Sevensong


This class will focus on some the common mental health issues seen by herbalists. These include; anxiety, depression, insomnia, cognitive dysfunction, fatigue and other symptoms associated with emotional and psychological health. These are part of a broad continuum of symptoms that can emerge from multiple causes and diseases. In this class we will discuss clinical assessment and treatment strategies along with specific plants, formulas and lifestyle alternatives. This class is open for all levels of herbalists.

Aroma Herbalism: Expanding your botanical therapies to include essential oils-with Mindy Green (​SATURDAY KEYNOTE SPEAKER)


This overview of the synergistic effects of herbs and aromatherapy will provide you with the information you need to begin incorporating essential oils (EOs) into herbal formulations for clinical, personal or family treatment protocols.


Current research studies will provide you with the confidence that these are safe and effective herbal adjuncts, and focus on techniques and applications for incorporating EOs for the simple first aid concerns that you normally treat at home such as headaches, minor cuts, burns, scrapes and bites, fever, colds and flu, bruises, etc.


With an understanding of safety guidelines, dilutions and applications, a Materia Medica of ten essential oils will propel you into the next level of your herbal therapeutics. We will also do some myth-busting regarding common misconceptions and outlandish claims around the use of essential oils.

Essential Oil Misconceptions- with Mindy Green


The claims and much repeated myths surrounding essential oil therapies spans the gamut of outlandish cures to being dangerously toxic.


Though most aromatherapists know that the truth lies somewhere in the middle, this workshop will address some of the ongoing controversies surrounding subjects such as neat use, oral options, dilution, skin sensitivity and more, allowing both professional practitioners and simple family-users a more confident, effective and safe path to best practices and successful outcomes.

Aroma-Herbalism for Women- with Mindy Green


An array of differing forms of botanical therapies is a complete collaboration to support the treatment of a variety of women’s health concerns and help support overall health.


We will focus on the combined modality of herbs and essential oils for common female complaints such as PMS, candida, herpes, menopause, breast health, preventive care and much more.


We will discuss therapies from herbal tinctures and teas to hydrosols, sitz baths, poultices, boluses, and beyond.

Healing the Goddess Wound- with Laurie Szott- Rogers


Based on Laurie’s new book, embark on a journey to meet eight Greek goddesses that enter all women’s lives. Each one provides life lessons in a chapter of our psyches.


Each divine being has a different style, intent, influence, and will connect uniquely, with every one of us. On this trip you may discover your goddess soul type, the one with whom you feel most aligned. They arrive as the seasons or cycles of our souls change. If we learn to sense their presence, we can become more conscious while working with them.


Having an awareness of ‘who is visiting’ allows their lessons to flow more smoothly, and helps our understanding run deeper. For goddess courses visit

Survival Plant Walk- with Cheyenne Caza


Take a walk on the wild side with local Practical Herbalist, Cheyenne Caza. Learn the edible, medicinal, and practical functions of a few different plants and trees in the area.


This walk will cover topics such as plant identification, sustainable harvesting, treatments for common survival related injuries, shelter building materials, insulation, hygiene, water filtration, fire starter, and more! 

Botany: A New Look for Herbal Geeks- with Terry Willard


After studying plants for over 40 years, Terry realized that he looks at plants from a completely different point of view.


Terry: "This talk is a group of Stories I have learned of how the Gaia relationship has turned botany virtually upside down. Come hear some fun stories and interesting trivia about our plant friends!"

The Liver: Our Great Alchemist- with Terry Willard


One can visualize the liver as the alchemist in their lab, working secretly and passionately on ten different projects at once, surrounded by a vast array of lab equipment, never seeming to take a break.


Indeed, the liver is a major organ in the body, like the brain, lungs and heart, and without it we could not Live. One of the best times of the year to work on the liver is after the festive season. Come join us to learn ‘The Story of the Liver’ – How to D-tox it; Rejuvenate it and help you function at top efficiency.

The Importance of Tongue Assessment for the Western Practitioner- with Tiffany Freeman


The tongue gives us a unique opportunity to peak through a window to the internal workings of the body. It tells us a story about the nature of disease and about the patterns that are impacting us. Through the use of tongue assessment one can better select appropriate remedies, whether herbals, nutrition based or other wholistic suggestions, & we can tailor our recommendations to better suit the client.


In this discussion we look at the 4 major areas of Tongue Assessment and their meanings, & we will learn how to further differentiate between the nature of ones disharmonies, constitutional tendencies and differentiate between patterns. The goal is to learn how we can use this information to better choose appropriate remedies and therefore improve our outcome and recovering time.

Traditional Medicine: An Indigenous perspective on Medicine & Healing - with Tiffany Freeman


Join in a discussion on the role of the Indigenous world view in Medicine, from herbalism, animals and the natural world connection to the growing movement of de-colonizing our medicines.


Tiffany Freeman shares from her experiences as a bi-racial Indigenous practitioner of Traditional Medicines and earth based teachings. We will discuss how those traditional aspects are playing a role in our re-connection to our own roots, how we can integrate that in our own practices, and the importance of our roles as stewards of the land based medicines. 

The Wisdom of Herbal Medicine through Stories-with Abrah Arneson


"And then Vervain, the holy herb, went into her the cauldron…"

Let’s see what herbal wisdom gleaned from some very old tales about plant medicine. Before the printing press and schools for studying herbal medicine, stories were how plant wisdom was transmitted from generation to generation. Any herbalist who teaches still knows the value of a good story to help budding herbalist remember their plants.


During this session we will explore very old stories of herbalists and their medicine to gain new insights into the plants we use today.

Plants and Planets- with Abrah Arneson


Nicolas Culpeper said, “Physick without astrology being like a lamp without oil."

The language we use to describe the medicine plants offer has changed throughout the ages. Current medical herbalists describe plant medicine with language of chemistry. Other modern herbalists use the language of energetics. In most traditional approaches to herbal medicine, Chinese, Ayurveda, First Nations Medicine and European, the language of planets, astrology, gave insight into a plant’s medicine.


The thing is, the way we speak about plants has changed but the plants themselves have carried the same medicine for thousands of years. The ancient language of astrology offers a useful point of view for uncovering a plant’s medicine. The way plants are described through astrological language can helps us understand a plants medicine in an intuitive way. The language of astrology allows us to discover how ancient people not only understood plant medicine but also offers us glimpses to their understanding of the interconnectness of all life.

Flower Essences- with Melanie Isles


Again expanding beyond the physical healing properties of plant medicine, join Melanie Stevens-Isles in further exploring how we can work with them in the realm of emotions & spirit by exploring Flower Essences.


We will cover the basics of preparing a plant essence, as well as discussing several methods commonly used. Each member of the group will then venture off to collect their own plant to contribute to a group flower essence. This class will be hands on, & everyone will share in taking some flower essence home.

Class will take place outside. Suitable for all levels.

Plant Spirit Medicine- with Melanie Isles

We all know the physical healing power of plant medicine. In this session, connect with the plants on another level & learn how to pause & listen to the messages that plants bring us. We will spend some time connecting with the plants on the land at Rundle’s Mission—Melanie will lead the group on a short walk followed by a meditation with a plant.

Class will take place outside. Suitable for all levels.

Managing Histamine Intolerance- with Jeananne Laing


Referred to as ‘histamine intolerance’, the symptoms of histamine spill-over are seemingly random and often debilitating. The most common symptoms are sneezing, congestion, red itchy eyes, itchy throat and ears, but there are other issues that can happen throughout the body that you may not realize are related to histamine spill-over.


This workshop will teach you how to recognize, manage, treat and prevent histamine intolerance in yourself and your clients.

Advising Clients on the Use of Cannabis As Medicine- with Jeananne Laing


Cannabis is unique as a plant medicine, both for its potential for psycho-activity and its popularity as a recreational drug. As Cannabis finally takes its rightful place as a therapeutic agent that can help with a variety of ailments, Herbalists are being looked to as experts on this complex medication.


This workshop will look at specific areas where Cannabis medicine excels and where we need to exercise caution. 

Better Breast Health- with Marianne Beacon


Women, let’s learn how to take care of our breasts. This workshop will be spent exploring some of the best breast practices for health. Incorporating the use of foods, herbs and exercises, we can support healthy breast tissue.


We will also explore deeper core beliefs and attitudes that we hold about our femininity. By bringing these beliefs to the surface, we can choose to live or let go of them, freeing our energy for a whole, healthy body. This combined with new routines in the care of breast tissue, and understanding what might be disrupting our health, we can invest in the long-term picture.


By taking charge of our health this way, we can nurture ourselves for prevention and recovery of illness, and give our breasts the attention that they deserve!

Lyme Disease in the Age of Climate Change- with Marianne Beacon


Lyme disease is spreading faster than the health system acknowledges or can keep up with.  Many people are struggling with getting a diagnosis in Canada, and conventional treatment options are long and challenging.  Those affected are not finding the support that they need, and are relying on other professions, like herbalism and naturopathy. 


Herbs are some of the most effective at treating Lyme, but there are many things to consider when working through this infection. Climate change has helped to move Lyme disease to the North-- we’d better get ready for it.  

Intro to Formulation for Newbie Herbalists

So you've been studying herbs & you want to start helping people with your plant medicine. It can be intimidating to make the leap to formulating herbs for someone, let alone starting to see clients.

There's undoubtedly some necessary foundations that need to be in place before we take this step.

Any herbalist worth their salt will tell you it's impossible to learn the art of formulation in a 1.5 hour workshop & that's 100% true! Formulating is an art & a science & it takes practice. As newer herbalists, we have to start somewhere, & this workshop is dedicated to beginning at the beginning.


We will discuss considerations for intakes, diagnostics, constitution, energetics, and different approaches to formulating & dosing. How do we decide what to give someone? How many herbs? How much & for how long?


Touching on all these aspects, we will spend the last part of our time together collaboratively brainstorming on a case study & formulating together as a group.

Rhodiola Rosea,The Mountain Queen-with Kalyn Kodiak


Rhodiola rosea and her cousins are truly the Queens of the Northern Mountains, bringing Healing, Wisdom and Fortitude to the people in mountainous Northern villages.


Rhodiola is a sweet and bitter matron, a fierce protector, a tutor for the nervous system, and a herbal suit of armour for those adventuring out into the wilds of the North.


We will explore Rhodiola and her properties, folklore and traditional preparations in this spoken herbal monograph celebrating the hardy boreal herb that is strengthening for the mind and body.

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